Our Solutions

MaxTech's product lines consist of semiconductor, electromechanical and other specialty products tailored towards Industrial, Medical, Automotive, Military/Aerospace, Transportation, Lighting, and Consumer Products.  We can work with you to provide the right solution.


Our Products

Semiconductors - Memory (DRAM, NAND, NOR, SSD, Modules), DC/DC Converters, Audio amps, Serial Connectivity ICs, LED drivers, Li-ION battery chargers, Frequency Control and Timing Devices.

Electromechanical - Transformers, Power & RF Inductors, Magnetic and Electromechanical Assemblies, Connectors (Power, RF, High Speed, board-to-board, I/O)

HMI -Human/Machine Interface Products (Membrane Switches, Touch Panels, Keypads, Graphic Overlays, LCD, EL, VFD, OLED and Sunlight Readable Displays, CCTV, Panel PC, , Magnetics, Interface Electronics

Sensors – Photocells, Thermopile, Pyroelectric Infrared Detectors, Photodiode/transistors, Infrared/Laser Emitters

Specialty - Custom Cases, Fiber Optics, Custom Battery Packs, Sensor assemblies, Printed Circuit Boards, Flex Circuits and Assemblies, PCB Assembly/Contract Manufacturing, Box Build and End-Order Fulfillment Services, Custom Battery Charger Assemblies, Custom Power Supplies and Power System Integration, Custom Antennas, Fiber Optics.  Cable Assemblies for RF, Military/Aerospace